Forensic Sciences


We provide a full range of chemical and biological forensic expertise. Our forensic sciences counsel worked as a Forensic Scientist for the Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory from 1975-1985, for Quantum Analytical Laboratory from 1985-1987 and for Forensic Services from 1987 to the present with more than 300 testimonies in city, district, superior, and federal courts in Washington, Idaho, and Montana.


Our Services include:

• Trace evidence examination and comparison including human and animal hairs, fibers, paint,
plastic, glass, soil and miscellaneous associative evidence
• Imprint evidence including shoeprints, tire prints, fabric impressions, and vehicle gauges
• Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation
• Lamp filament examination for “on“ or “off” at impact
• Analysis of controlled substances
• DWI case evaluation and defense
• Crime scene investigation and reconstruction
• Crime scene photography
• Determination of trajectory
• Evidence photography in the laboratory
• Accident investigation and reconstruction
• Evidence recognition and collection
• Leaf marijuana identification
• Trace evidence examination
• Basic narcotic investigation
• Advanced crime scene investigation
•· How to use and expert witness
•· Determination of “who was driving”


Professional licenses and associations include:

• Federal Drug Enforcement Administration for analytical testing of controlled substances since
1988 and Controlled Substance Registration number RMO 132011
• State of Washington Health Professions Quality Assurance Division since 1997.
• Northwest Association of Forensic Scientists since 1976

Specialized training includes:

• Crime Scene Investigation
• Crime Scene Detection
• Introduction to Criminalistics; FBI Academy; Quantico, VA
• Gas Chromatography Training Course; Gulf South Research Institute and Perkin Elmer
• Body Fluid Identification Workshop; Northwest Association of Forensic Scientists
• Applied Polarized Light Microscopy; McCrone Institute; Chicago, IL
• Instrumental Analysis of Paints and Explosives; FBI Academy; Quantico, VA
• Vehicle Lamp Examination Workshop; The Traffic Institute
• Advanced Crime Scene Investigation; Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission
• Forensic Microscopy; McCrone Institute; Chicago, IL
• Introduction to Hairs and Fibers School; FBI Academy; Quantico, VA
• Forensic Microscopy of Soils; McCrone Institute; Chicago, IL
• Crime Scene Investigators School; FBI Academy; Quantico, VA
• Clandestine Drug Laboratory Workshop; NWAFS Seminar
• Crime Laboratory Forensic Photography; FBI Academy; Quantico, VA
• Crime Scene Theory and Reconstruction; California Dept. of Justice
• Firearms Examination Workshop; NWAFS Seminar
• Controlled Drinking Experiments; Quantum Analytical Laboratory; Seattle, WA
• At Scene Traffic Accident Investigation; Institute of Police Technology and Management;
University of North Florida
• Blood Alcohol Quantitation; Quantum Analytical Laboratory
• Highway Lighting Systems; Washington Association of Technical Accident Investigators
• Collision Analysis and Traffic Accident Reconstruction; Society of Accident

• Blood Spatter Analysis; NWAFS Seminar
• Blood Alcohol Absorption and Elimination; NWAFS Seminar
• Tire Footprint Identification; by Peter McDonald; NWAFS Seminar
• Advanced Bloodstain Evidence Workshop; J.L. Bunker and Associates; Orlando, FL
• Advanced Seminar on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Forensic Investigation;
IABPA Conference
• Recovery of Buried Bodies and Scattered Surface Skeletons; NWAFS Seminar
• Advanced Seminar on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Forensic Investigation;
IABPA Conference
• Recovery and Identification of Trace Evidence from Bullets; NWAFS Seminar
• Fiber Cross-Sections; How to Make and Use Them; NWAFS Seminar
• Identification and Examination of Bloodstains
• Advanced Seminar on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Forensic Investigation;
IABPA joint conference with The Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction
• Side Impact Collision Training and Demonstration; WATAI Conference
• Microscopic Examination of Sexual Assault evidence; International Association of Forensic
• Vehicle Lamp Damage in Controlled Collisions (with live demonstrations); WATAI
• Domestic Violence Photography; NWAFS; Portland, Oregon; 2003
• Semen Analysis; Location of Deposits and Presumptive testing; Emerald City Forensics
• Bus braking and Turning at High Speeds (training and demonstrations at SeattleMetro);
• High Throughput Genetic Testing in the Wake of a Mass Disaster; NWFS Seminar
• From the Green River: Forensic Evidence and the Prosecution of Gary Ridgeway; AAFS

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