Gary L. Odegard, LPI, CEO

Washington State License 3201, Armed Private Investigator

   Seattle, Washington            206.948.9001     

Coast Private Investigations, LLC derives from a different discipline than most firms of its type. Rather than based on law enforcement experience, Coast Private Investigations is based on extensive experience in business issues and focuses largely on corporate, legal and personal issues. While the backgrounds may be different, the knowledge required for a State license to practice is exactly the same.

With over 35 years experience in senior level strategic information management and as a Washington State licensed private investigator, Gary Odegard has extensive experience with some of the world's most widely known brands. As a result, Mr. Odegard has provided national award-winning corporate counsel to management in critical areas such as personnel integrity, performance and security, legal and ethical disputes, brand development, reputation and competitive stability, executive reputation and crisis preparation and management. Mr. Odegard brings an unsurpassed level of ethics, thoroughness, client responsiveness and reliability to Coast Private Investigations that is regarded as one of the best in private investigations in the Greater Seattle area.