Attorney Services

Regardless of your practice, be it civil, criminal, corporate or personal representation, we have a host of services that can help you ferret out the facts of complicated situations. We are available to provide investigative services at any stage of your engagement including pre and post-trial, pre-contract and in-case development.

News Media Strategy and Management

Unique to the investigative services industry, CPI can also provide you with full public relations and media strategy counsel. With more than 35 years experience in news media management for leading corporations around the world, CPI’s public relations experts have successfully dealt with product, image and liability issues that had, or were at risk of finding their way to the court of public opinion.

Advocate/Witness Rule 3.7

When violating the Washington State advocate/witness rule 3.7 is a possibility, by engaging CPI early in the process to serve as advocate witness, conflict of interest issues can be avoided.

Computer Forensics

Our services include more than thirty years experience in computer sciences and as a computer forensic expert in criminal defense and civil cases (both plaintiff and defense). Special emphasis is provided for examining user activity, email transmissions, network activity, discovering surreptitious spying (keylogging) programs installed on computers, attempts to hide or delete data, attempts to frame a particular computer user and cell phone forensics. 

Our counsel has provided computer expert services on more than 50 criminal cases ranging from employee theft to murder, civil and bankruptcy case testifying as an expert witness in court. 

Our counsel is accredited as an AccessData Certified Expert and serves on the Board of Directors for the Computer Technology Investigator’s Network (CTIN) in Washington State.

Accident Analysis

Serious Crimes Investigations

Cold Case Investigations

Court Testimony

Due Diligence

Media Strategy and Relations

Mitigation Investigation

Land Use Disputes

Process Service

Witness Location

Witness/Informant Interviewing