Civil Services

Individual, family or contractual agreements can either be resolved by settlement or through the courts. But resolution requires a thorough fact-finding process to understand the true status of the situation. Whether the conflict revolves around wills, tenant/landlord agreements, property disputes, law infringements and altercations, personal harassment or knowing the true history of individuals in advance of committing to a future relationship, we are available to provide you with a complete set of facts. 

Accident Fact Finding


Vehicle accidents are stressful and often times unclear where responsibility lies. A full investigation of the incident can assist attorneys and insurance adjusters capture a complete picture of what happened through an analysis of the situation and its surrounding facts to determine cause and fault.


The Pacific Northwest is buzzing with year-round recreational and commercial boating traffic. And with this traffic, accidents occur. These accidents can include personal injury, craft-craft and craft-to-property damage.

We can provide a full analysis of the incident to assist attorneys and insurance adjusters with a clear picture of the incident and the surrounding conditions to aid in determining fault. 

Will and Testament Due Diligence

In order to execute a person’s will or the dispensation of an estate, each person in the document must be located – dead or alive. We can manage the location process to facilitate the execution of the last will and testament. 

Contractual/Land/Property Disputes

Written agreements between parties are necessary to ensure that transactions are satisfactorily fulfilled and that understandings are shared by all involved. But often those agreements are breached. We can assist in determining the facts of the agreement to help settle disputed understandings. 

Evidence Gathering/Witness Interviewing

When an incident occurs, evidence must be gathered as soon as possible and there are often witnesses who can verify the facts of a situation. They may or may not be identified at the time. We can help by locating witnesses, interviewing them to get to the truth and provide attorneys and individuals with the facts that can support or clarify the occurrence. 

Family Investigations

While well intended, agreements between family members can go awry. And members of families can take advantage of others for their own personal gain. We can assist in resolving such disputes by gathering the facts and identifying what actually occurred. 

Infidelity Verification

Unfortunately, people cheat on one another. And while many states operate under “no fault” matrimonial statues, people just want to know what is happening so that they can formulate a strategy on how to proceed. We can assist individuals and attorneys by providing verification if infidelity is or, often, is not occurring.

Premarital Background Checks

In these times of marriages and partnerships with both parties independently stable and financially secure, a prenuptial agreement only protects you and your assets after the fact. Before taking the final step, it is to your benefit to know who your, or your intended really is to avoid potentially devastating personal victimization or financial vulnerability. Before you “I do,” don’t you want to know what you are getting into? All on a confidential basis.

Missing Persons

It is not illegal for an adult to go missing. But people do so intentionally or not. And when children are missing or their location is not known, it is even more critical to have an experienced investigator who can track down these individuals. We are experienced in located those who have gone missing and have not only brought them back to their loved ones, but many children are now in the arms of their parents.