Corporate Services

Every day, your business is vulnerable to internal and external threats that can disrupt the integrity of your operation, security, financial stability and reputation. We have a thorough understanding of company and organizational practices that can be valuable to you when uncovering the sources of misconduct that place your most important assets at risk. Beyond the corporate world, our investigative services are equally applicable to for-profit; non-profit; trade and consumer associations and community health and education organizations.

We can also assist your human resources departments in verifying the authenticity and trustworthiness of candidates for critical positions within your organization and perform due diligence background examinations for M&A opportunities and negotiations.

Businesses fight every day for its share of competitive return on investment. Our B2B and B2C experience can aid product managers and marketing executives assess strengths and weaknesses as well as encroaching product or services claims that threaten market share.

Accident Claims Fact Finding


Vehicle accidents are stressful and often times unclear where fault lies. A full investigation of the incident can assist attorneys and insurance adjusters capture a complete picture of what happened through an analysis of the situation and its surrounding facts to determine cause and fault.


The Pacific Northwest is buzzing with year-round recreational and commercial boating traffic. And with this traffic, accidents occur. These accidents can include personal injury, craft-craft and craft-to-property damage.

We can provide a full analysis of the incident to assist attorneys and insurance adjusters with a clear picture of the incident and the surrounding conditions to aid in determining responsibility.Competitive Intelligence

Computer Forensics

Our services include more than thirty years experience in computer sciences and computer forensic expertise in criminal defense and civil cases (both plaintiff and defense). Special emphasis is provided for examining user activity, email transmissions, network activity, discovering surreptitious spying (keylogging) programs installed on computers, attempts to hide or delete data, attempts to frame a particular computer user and cell phone forensics.

Our counsel has provided computer expert services on more than 50 criminal cases ranging from employee theft to murder, civil and bankruptcy cases testifying as an expert witness in court.

Our counsel is accredited as an AccessData Certified Expert and serves on the Board of Directors for the Computer Technology Investigator’s Network (CTIN) in Washington State.

Employee Injury and Insurance Fraud

Employees on the job injuries regularly occur. We can provide a thorough analysis of the incident, interview witnesses and establish the facts of the incident for executives, human resources, corporate counsel and L&I representatives to determine if negligence exists and if the employee is malingering.

Ski Areas/Resorts

We have extensive experience in ski area and resort incident management. Guest injuries can be accidental or deliberate. Our experience in investigating such incidents will aid management and legal and insurance representatives to determine the facts surrounding an incident to protect the operation from needless legal encumbrances and settlements. 


Drug abuse in the workplace, families and organizations is a constant threat to stability, safety and performance. We can provide thorough analysis of suspected drug use through interviews, surveillance and situation creation that can help determine where risk exists.

Embezzlement and Fraud

Availability to cash and finances is a constant lure to internal criminal activity. Our experience in fraud and embezzlement cases can help identify where an existing situation is occurring as well as put in place safeguards against future risk. 

Employment Backgrounding

Your employees are your most valued asset. Human resources relies on the credibility of candidates for crucial positions. We can provide thorough background intelligence on candidates to provide assurances that historical issues don’t contaminate your reputation, brand or future company performance.

Executive Malfeasance and Authority Abuse

With station comes power. And executive power can be abused to the detriment of the organization. Our experience in the corporate environment can assist boards of directors and executive committees assess individual malfeasance and suspected authority abuse that may threaten operational and profit stability and performance.


You have no other option than to trust your employees. But sometimes that trust is betrayed – intentionally or not. Regardless, your valued information either makes it to the wrong person or goes out the door. We can assist by determining the source of the leak and the direction the information in going. We can also assist in creating safeguards for leak prevention.

Merger & Acquisition Authenticating

Like backgrounding a candidate for an important position, M&A investigations are just as critical. Our corporate experience can assist in providing a thorough study on M&A targets during the assessment or execution process.

Retail, Wholesale and Intellectual Property Theft

Internal theft of products, services and business intelligence occurs on a daily basis. We can assist by identifying and isolating where theft occurs through surveillance, system tracking and computer data forensics.

Undercover Investigations

Internal or external activity that puts your organization and profitability at risk can be handled through a strategic approach to identifying the source of potential or real loss. We have experience in organizational structure and business practices to assist in identifying such activity through tactics that will assist in bringing closure to threats caused by employees, competitors, vendors and retailing.

Executive Security

As a state licensed Armed Private Investigations firm, we have the ability to provide executives with personal security while on-site or traveling or for visiting business representatives.